Thursday, April 12, 2007


Financial aid package for helping new college student's

College acceptance letters are on their way to millions of students this month. A recent survey by the Princeton Review found that for 78% of college applicants, financial aid will be "extremely necessary" or "very necessary" to make attendance possible.

There is a company Simple Tuition who is providing financial aid package to the families so that student’s can fulfill their dreams.

Borrowing is a reality in many of these packages, and Simple Tuition can help families make sense of complex financial aid information with an apples-to-apples comparison of more than 50 loans from over 25 student loan lenders.

Simple Tuition, Inc. understands that the costs associated with higher education - together with resources made available to cover these costs - are a critical factor in making your final college choice. With so many different financial aid options available, Simple Tuition recommends that parents and students take the time necessary to understand the specifics of each award letter before making a final decision.

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