Sunday, February 25, 2007


Help Hurricane Katrina Victims

There are many economical single female parents that don’t have got a batch to donate to those affected by hurricane Katrina, however most feel awful and wishing they could. Here are some economical single female parent ideas that may allow one to if donating cash is not an option.

Clean out your closets.

Go through your cupboard and take old clothing or new clothing that you never have on and donate them. Think of the people that just lost their home, their personal belongings, and their normal day-to-day activities such as as work, school, etc. These people will take what they can get. Don’t halt at your clothing closet. Continue on to linen cupboards and donate towels, cleaning products, travel to your larder and donate non perishable items, donate anything you can believe of that you may or may not utilize everyday. Most likely, person will utilize it and be glad to have got got it.

Give blood.

Go to your local Red Cross and donate your points that you have collected as well as giving blood. During this emergency situation, people are going to need medical aid and your blood could salvage a life!

Raise money.

If you can’t afford to give money, rise money instead. There’s been people selling lemonade and donating their contributions to this cause. If you don’t have got got anywhere to donate your points to or they are physical objects not easier transportable, have a garage sale and sell them. Then take the money and donate it to the cause. Find out if your children’s school is doing anything to lend items. They may be collecting playthings to give to the children of those affected.

Take a household or individual into your home.

There are schools that are taking students that have got been displaced. Some however may not have got available lodging or the students may not be able to afford it so if you dwell near a campus you may look into contacting the school and allow them cognize you’d be willing to assist out a student until they can get back on their feet.

The options are plentiful if you believe creatively. You may be a economical single female parent but there are still ways to assist out even when money is tight. These subsisters have got lost everything and could utilize whatever they can get!

For more than economical single female parent tips and ideas travel to SavingDimes and SingleMotherResources.

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